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The Lion King Remake Tour (ALABAMA edition)

NAAAAAAKAAMEYAAA... Look never mind because honestly I don't know anyone could spell that right but you get the point. The Lion King has returned and we are totally here for it. This weekend our adventures started in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Champion City, at the Walmart on Skyland Avenue Friday, July 12th at about 12 pm. This is the first stop in Alabama out of two others including Adamsville and Bessemer. This eventful activation was designed by Eventus management that included face painting, samples served inside, VR preview of the Lion King trailer, along with a play area for kids to enjoy while waiting. Each day consumers came out from 12 pm to 5pm to enjoy games, group activities, and free snacks. We have to commend Disney for their genius revamped marketing for this classic movie as well. Many of the products that the kids got to play with, our staff could remember enjoying as well as children almost 25 years ago. This movie brings out the inner kid is a lot of individuals and remind us of how much we all enjoy those legendary moments like the death of Mufasa. The consumers at the Bessemer location expressed their excitement the most as they await the anticipated performance by Beyoncé Knowles. Even on the comedic side, people are even express their desire to see how well Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner does as Pumbaa and Timon. Listen, all I know is if that intro does not hit right when the movie comes on I might just walk out. Overall this event went well. All three days of this tour in Alabama were great. Thank you to our incredible staff for stepping us and handling all situation professional and timely. Thank you to the Walmart stores on Skyland Ave, Hackworth Rd, and Academy Rd for showing us a fantastic time this past weekend. Also you can catch the Lion King remake tour this weekend in Atlanta and Macon, Georgia, as well as Raleigh, North Carolina and Miami Florida.

The Lion King Comes Out July 19th in Theaters Everywhere.


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