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Team Building with Profisee

Team Bonding & Profisee. When you first hear it you may think this is a company of prophets on a fishing trip. However, It's actually a master data management software company that makes capturing data for companies simplified. Basically, they deal with analytics, data collection, and integrations and other informative techy stuff. Each year their executives and staff have a retreat that allows them to go over the vision and goals for the year, introduce and award staff, as well as bond while having fun. Team Bonding is a Boston based company that allows other businesses of all sizes to build stronger professional relationships and have fun doing it. With over 100 creative events to chose from, this company gathers the details of your business retreat, designs and sets up an activity for your team. This is our second event with Team Bonding and each time it is always enjoyable to see adults become kids again. This past event with Profisee in Atlanta allowed the attendee to separate into 10 groups in order to build a pipeline that would transfer a marble from one end of the room to the other side. Each team randomly selected a project manager. The project manager then chose a marketing director and building director. Not only did they have to work with the other teams around them to ensure their systems integrated properly to pass the marble but each individual team was in charge of marketing their section of the pipeline as a business. Within an hour's time, Profisee successfully built a stable pipeline getting 197 marbles from point A to point B. The highlights of this event were simply watching the creativity of the team's marketing tactics as well as seeing their faces light up like kids as each marble successfully landed in the bucket. Shout out to Team Bonding for coordinating such an amazing event and using our staff. We look forward to working with you guys more on fun team building events this year.


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