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#AllThat First Look (Event Reca)

Fresh Out The Box- Stop, Look, & Watch- Ready Yet, Get Set - it’s All That‼️

Guess What... it’s Back, All That! Nickelodeon’s original young adults sketch comedy tv show is back for reboot, and we’re here for it! Thursday, June 13th, our team had the opportunity to promote the new reboot of the classic show in Birmingham and Leeds, Alabama. Special thank you to Coyote Drive In Theater for hosting this event. The highlight of this Even was, Kel Mitchel, one of the original “All That” cast member and the new executive producer joined us on this promotional stop. The Good Burger legend signed autographs, took photos with fans, and event gave us a inside first look at the new show before it premieres on Saturday. Not only that, everyone I’m attendance had the chance to watch the 1997 Nickelodeon original movie - Good Burger, starring Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. Free Popcorn, drinks, and candy was sponsored and provide as a courtesy. Special acknowledgement for Mr. Jim Bailey, who coordinated and manage this promotional tour. The first episode will feature the renowned Jonas Brother to kick the season off with excitement. #AllThat premieres this Saturday at 7:30 CST on Nickelodeon‼️ 

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