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Panda... Panda... Panda Panda PANDA PANDA.!!

Allow us to start of by saying thank you and congratulation to Panda Express for their new store opening. It was a pleasure to be apart of this process. Our team had the pleasure of working with Panda Express and their marketing team over the last two week to announce, promote and market their newest Alabama location. Our job was simple to build a team and/or campaign that will provoke inner circle, word-of-mouth conversation about this store launching. We design a street team and provide them with premium asset to give away at several community events. The activation began July 4th at Railroad Park for Thunder on the Mountain fireworks show. Field Manager, Omarious Fann lead his team out to do some guerrilla marketing in the park, giving away free chorks, fortune cookies, free entree coupons and much more. The street team also visited other events like Sounds of Summer, host by the Summit Shopping Center. In addition to promoting at high traffic event, we encouraged our team to interact with the local business in the area - inviting them out for lunch on us. Due to Panda Express generous corporation we we're able to attract over 10 local businesses out for the launch day celebration July 14th.

The Panda express launch day activation was an in-store restaurant event. one of the highlight of this event were the 200 plus chicken sample were offered in the lobby area. Panda Express is known for their signature Orange chicken and the consumer love'd it. We also had our very own Panda mascot named "Tom Tom". Panda Express was so gracious enough to have shipped the costume to the store location where one of our staff member fill the position. Launch day began at 11am with a great crowd. Our Street team greeted customers as they entered the store along with offering every one a "Panda Bag" filled with exclusive premiums. During this 6 hour activation time, our crew interacted with approximately 200 or more consumers. Special thank you to Hoover store manager Max as well as Anthony; the opening store manager on highway 280. Hey, if you are in the Birmingham are or any of the surrounding cities be sure to stop by Panda Express (address:: 101 Resource Center Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35242) and tell them Omarious Fann sent you. Panda Express offers great American-Chinese food. A little information about Panda:

  • Andrew & Peggy Cherng started Paada Express over 30 years ago

  • The Largest American-Chinese restaurant in the world.

  • 1900+ Locations in US & Canada

  • Worldwide Stores in Mexico, Dubai, Korea, Guatemala & soon India

  • Food made with vegetables freshly cut every day

  • 600 million pounds of Orange Chicken is made each year.

​You can visit the local Panda Express for more information or visit their website today.


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