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"Together We Holiday" with T-Mobile

Tis The Season to give back and this past weekend we had a fantastic time doing just that with T-Mobile. As the Christmas holiday approaches the marketing and promotional industry is making a comeback. T-Mobile has partnered with a few local companies during the holidays to give back and this weekend we were able to participate in this amazing event. December 2nd- December 5th our team was on-site at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, Georgia to assist in was T-Mobile has coined as the "Together We Holiday" give back tour. Consumers were able to visit our activation set up outside of the mall where they could receive free hot chocolate in promotional branded tumblers, Overall we engage with over 2,300 people this weekend. Not only were we able to create amazing memories but we were also able to gift people with an experience that could be gifted to someone else. The highlight of this activation was the excitement consumer gained from taking a photo and receiving it in the free snowglobe frame for their photos. While many people had the assumption that they had to be a T-Mobile customer to participate in the experience, it was an amazing shocker to everyone to find out everything was completely free. This has been far one of our best marketing event of this year, thanks to T-MObile.


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