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LSU vs. Bama Wknd Rewind

Happy Veterans Day, I’m not sure about you guys but somebody must have known we all would need this Monday off to recover from the craziest of this weekend. Starting off the an amazing tailgate at the University of Alabama on the Quad. Of course, when we arrive for production is always an early morning. We were on campus at 9am getting ready for the weekend jump off starting with the ESPN Home Depot Game Day Game Broadcast at 2pm Friday afternoon. One of the great things about the University of Alabama and the City of Tuscaloosa is that when you have your credentials and preparations in place it can be fairly easy to execute your sponsorship, vendor event or tailgating event in addition to getting in, out, and around. There is a major lack of parking available. Nevertheless, we got in - did a three hour setup and then headed over to kick it with Pizza Hut for the ESPN event. Fans who were in attendance to the broadcast were able to grab some free Pizza, take picture to post on social media, and even got a chance to win some free swag. Fannie packs, koozie, portal chargers and all of that good stuff. Shout out to April, Sydney, Lance and the whole Brand Ambassador team on this activation. Great job guys.

The temperature was definitely dropping even as the night wrapped up and the early Saturday morning winds were nearly freezing. Or at least that what it felt like to us. The campus opened up early around 6:00 am with fans arriving as early as 7 am ready to tailgate, drink, eat, and root for their winning team. Our Saturday morning activation was with Academy Sport & Outdoors. This is our third year working with Academy for a major SEC football event. Academy is a great sponsor and ensures fans have a great experience at any event they’re at. One year they gave away over 1000 free tailgating/ yard chairs. This year fans came up to play skeeball and had a chance to win a twenty-five or ten dollars gift card. Special shout out to my friends and teammates - Jessica Bradford, and LoriElle Anderson for doing a fantastic job keeping the energy alive all day and helping us showing fans a quality experience. We even had the chance to interact with NFL Legend Marcus Spears for a couple of moments before and after his segments on the SEC Nation Live. Overall our activations for the weekend were nothing short of LIMITLESS, only to the surprised and shot down by the hopes of Alabama winning yet losing against LSU. Congratulations to LSU for their undefeated record as they go forward. Unfortunately, Alabama wasn’t the only loss of the weekend that ultimately has us in a need to mentally recover as well. Did you happen to catch the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game? Not sure about you, but I’m completely in awe and that’s all I can say about that due to current contracts. Yet Once A Saint Fan Always A Saints Fan.

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