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The Christmas Jingle Jam!

The Limitless Alliance is host their first annual "Christmas Jingle Jam." We are expected to have great food, amazing music, and plenty of fun. If you are available, we invite you to come out and support us. This year's Jingle Jam Party is a completely free event. There will be photographers on site to capture holiday portraits with you and your guest in addition to the LIVE photo shoot we will be conducting. Special thank To Photographer @KirksKamera for being a lead photographer this year. All attendees are encouraged to take holiday portraits and order their digital or hard copies from the photographers at our special rate.

This first step in our developing our network and model program as we move into the 2019 calendar year. Our vision for 2019 is GREATEST in the full extent of the word. However, that only comes by preparation. We are capitalizing on this last month to prepare for next year. Many of the staff and models have worked together on several events and know each other pretty well. Therefore, why not get together in the slow season to network, prepare for next year, get new photos, and just have fun? We even plan to have Christmas stocking - decorating. Yes, you will literally get to design your own holiday stocking and take it home for FREE.. We're even thinking about doing a Cash prize contest for the "best stocking". Haven't decided on it yet. Also, we encourage all new and aspiring models to bring extra clothing for the LIVE shoot, if you desire too participate. Once again, I can't wait to see you all there. Be sure to invite your friends and family as well.

Sunday, December 16th, 2018, 4 pm.

(212 41st Street South, Birmingham, Alabama, 35222)


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