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Boost Your Business with Facebook!

Whew! What a week! This past Monday we had the amazing opportunity to not only attend but to assist in the Facebook “Boost Your Business” seminar in Montgomery, Alabama. So first allow us to say thank you to everyone who reach out to us for our involvement. This event was catered to local business around the region that is interested in growing their business and increase consumer traffic through social media. Of course, the Facebook organization spearheaded this event with an awesome theme that coincides with Women’s History Month. #SheMeanBusiness, this message inspires and embraced women who has a business or is preparing to start one. The very informed experts brought in by Facebook touched on growth in business that stems from not only Facebook but Instagram as well. This well thought out event even teaches participates how to utilize tools like promotional ads, as well as the new feature called Facebook Pixel, that integrates into your business’s website to capture consumer analytics.

Our role in this well thought out event included greeting attendees as they checked in to the event, encouraging them to take photo with the Facebook “remember the moment” photo booth, in addition to assist with light refreshment. The overall objective for us was to ensure that attendees were enjoying the event and were knowledge about what was being offered. The great thing about this event was each business had the ability to leave this seminar with resources and tools that would teach them more about utilizing their social media to attract more traffic and consumer engagements. Often times, small businesses have a service and product that are beneficial to consumer anywhere. Nevertheless, many of these business only capitalize on their local market, which limits their revenue, audience, and branding. Therefore, by allowing these company to get extra insight on marketing tips that would advance their business Facebook ultimately achieved their goal of helping communities connect on a more simple level. As a result of the success from this event, we look forward to the social media giant returning to Alabama for future events. Once again thank you to the Facebook family as well as the recruiting agency. 

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