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The Dr.Pepper Experience Tour

Alabama, we are proud to have hosted the Dr. Pepper Grill-gating Tour. Our friends at Eventus Marketing Group has designed a national tour featuring Kingsford Charcoal, Johnsonville Sausage, Ritz Cracker, & Dr. Pepper that has made it's way to Alabama. Local Walmart stores across the Birmingham and Montgomery region have experienced the "grill-gating" excitement. This ultimate tailgating event combined food, drinks, music, and games. As consumer approached the activation site located in front of the shopping center they're greeted by one of our fantastic promotional models who either offered delicious bite size snacks, or an ice-cold Dr.Pepper soda. Special thanks to master chef, Karen Barhart, as well as event manager Jose Corona for their wonderful job executing this event.

Chef Karen grilled tasty "Johnsonville 'Beddar with Cheddar' Sausages" served over broccoli slaw topped with a cute football design of mustard on a Ritz crackers. This has been one of the best outside treats our team has ever sampled. In addition to the great food, every one who participates gets the chance to interact with Dr.Pepper superstar and mascot, Larry Culpepper. Fans were able to take pictures with Larry and receive a Polaroid print out. Thank you to brand ambassadors; LoriElle, Adamien, LaVaughn, and Omarious for a fantastic job. We look forward to working with Eventus Marketing Group and their clients more in the future.

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