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On September 25, 2017 the City Council of Birmingham, Alabama announced that they are now pursuing effort to bring Amazon, the online shopping website, headquarters to the Magic City. This announcement was made in a really big way, with oversized Amazon packages addressed to the citizens of Birmingham place through the downtown region. This campaign #BringAtoB is to encourage Amazon as well as the city council of Birmingham that this is the right move. The goal is to show the multi-billion dollar company that the people of Birmingham are excited and looking for to assist in everyway positive. We aim to make this transition flow smoothly providing plenty of job for our citizens while providing a more affordable, suitable region to our friends to operation their business. Not only does this, new project promote grown within our city, it will attract more businesses allowing them the comfort to settle here. Our vision to bring Amazon to Birmingham will ultimate benefit the economic future of our beautiful city. The Limitless Alliance and our CEO, Omarious Fann is looking forward to working with the online retailer. We hope to be an asset in providing staff and employee to aid this move along with assisting in any area of our expertise. As a developing company formed in the heart of Alabama, we welcome Amazon to our wonderful city with anticipation of a fantastic future.  

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