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ShaLaJa & House Of Suave' Inception Fashion Show Review


I am happy to have had the ultimate fashion show experience in Columbus, Alabama at the “ShaLaJa & House of Suave Inception Fashion show” Gary T from the Rickey Smiley show and the midday Diva AP from 98.3 did a wonderful job keeping the crowd entertaining. From scene to scene we were on ours toes.


The opening was styles from Tanrik. Tanrik included an array of colors which varied from bold hues of flamboyant colors to warm hues of brown and bronze to an amazing cold winter white. Tanrik took us through all of the season’s colors. I love the way the hues meshed together to produce an immaculate scene to show us fashion and style as arrived.

Charles Andre Couture

My favorite piece from this collection, entrenched in all white with an elegant cut out in the back was far from something the meek and mild would wear because it was definitely a statement dress with the fur head piece to accentuate the ensemble. This piece embodied the name of the designer Charles Andre Couture, he definitely put a designer touch to this one. The best part of the collection is its clothing for everyone.

F.O.G House

Throughout the Fashion Show’s madness backstage I was able to catch up with a few of the designers. One included Adrian Young the fabulous designer of F.O.G. House. Adrian was an amazing woman. I asked her a very important question “How would you describe your creative process?” She answered to exemplify the everyday person and also help them realize that God is in your life. Hints the meaning of the name of her clothing line F.O.G. House or “Favor of God House”.

Follow her on Instagram @Fog_house


Simply Elegant

The standout piece in Simply Elegant was the array and consistency of circle skirts. While speaking with Christella Williams she confirmed her love of the circle skirt when designing her line. She designs for everyone. Whether it may be to the office or for a night out on the town, her designs are for every event. From watching her line on the floor it was great to see styles that catered to every woman. “My clothes are for the everyday woman and she is Simply Elegant”, says Designer Christella Williams. You can find her on facebook- Christella Williams


PASH is the definition of the art of fashion, says its designer Keith. I had the pleasure of speaking with yet another fabulous designer backstage during the fashion show. Keith stays true to the style of making his clothing “The Art of Fashion” Seeing his completed looks on the runway made me feel his passion. I asked Keith “What does he enjoy most about designing clothes?” His response was seeing my completed looks on the runway.

Follow on Instagram @pash_the_brand

ShaLaJa Swimwear

When the final scene arrived showcasing styles from ShaLaJa Swimwear I was ready to hit the beach in every one of her looks for a different day at the beach. With her styles varying from embellished suits to many different calculated hues. Overall the show was amazing and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the show next year.

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