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The Style Throne Fashion Show II

This Weekend I had the pleasure to attend one of Montgomery, Alabama most anticipated fashion show of the year. The Style Throne Fashion Show took place March 8th,2015 at The Alabama Activity Center. It was Funny to say the less bit. I enjoyed myself. I arrived around 4p.m. that evening at the venue to find all the Montgomery Faces. Immediately the first person I heard was Toya, an production assistant and model that I've known since I first start working Montgomery Fashion Events. The show was director and coordinated by Executive Producer Nakeisha Maroney (@jnorreh ). Lasting for about tw0 hours this show had nine dynamic scene with extraordinary clothing from extraordinary designers. Nakeisha... I first met hear doing a K.E.E.P Production Fashion Extravaganza when she was just a model and designer. She has really moved up and at a very rapid rate I must add.

J'Norreh developed a nice fashion show experience. There was complimentary wine and shrimp cocktail snacks to make the V.I.P. feel even more exclusive. She even gave away some "Beats By Dre" that would have looked awesome on my head. LOL You Know whats a Fashion or any event without something free. Anyway there were some awesome dessert & food vendors by the way. This one guy, I wasn't able to get his contact information, made some "Birthday Cake" & "Red Velvet Cake" bites out of fried cookies. I could remember seeing him in the back of the house with His Deep Fryer and what look like off brand vanilla cookies. Before the show started He was cooking them, deeping the cookies in some type of mixture then frying them to a fluffy crisp. I was quite Good.! I didn't try one til the end of the show. And When I did try one - I mean I tried them both! Lol Another thing About this fashion show that was hilariously entertaining was the Host. LaTavia Roberson. Now we all may remember LaTavia from the beginning of that one Beyonce song where it starts off "Your challenges is a young group from Houston, Welcome Beyonce, LaTavia, Nina, Nicki, Kelly And Ashley; The Hip-Hop Rappin' Girls Tyme" Hey well she was the host. LaTavia is a 2 time Grammy Awards winning singer, an original member of Destiny's Child and a recent star on TV Show R&b Divas.

Now initial when I first walk in the venue she was there on stage rehearsing and running over line with Nakeisha and I didn't think twice about her. Until it was time to start the show and I went to her dressing room to prep Miss R&B Diva.She was Bad in her Little Black Dress, which I believe was styled by a designer I met a couple shows ago, Stephon Kelly. Speaking of designers... This event was full of creativity, especially from the designers. Of course on the roster we had Adrian Young with F.O.G House, Nakeisha had two scene, and a new designer From Atlanta, Georgia who i enjoyed interacting with and viewing his style; GardedNvelope with Sir Vant Collection. One of Nakeisha's scene featured clothes from her new line J'Norreh's "The Urban Man" Collection. Gentlemen I'm telling you she can really dress a man and know just what to add bring out that inner swag. Also Shout out to the Models of The Style Throne Fashion Show this year. I seen a bunch of unfamiliar faces as well as tons familiar faces backstage. Last year I had the opportunity to walk in the Style Throne Fashion Show myself as a featured model from Designer Perry Varner. Although this year I wasn't a model in the show it's good to see some of the folks I began modeling with in Elite still doing the same things in different ways. Traveling back to Montgomery, Alabama for this event was worth the Time. I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to seeing what The Style Throne will Bring Us Next.

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