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Women of Purpose


Founder Jocelyn Nelson

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I created this page because I desire to see more female empowerment, especially in the black community. I’m anxious to see the growth that comes from bringing together women of color to uplift each other in a world that says all we do is belittle each other. A world that applauds & encourages ratchet fighting and exposing each other all for 15 minutes of fame and a dollar. A world that views us as nothing more than twerking and big booties. A world that only thinks of us as bitter black women out to get revenge on everybody.‪#‎WomenOfPurpose‬ is here to put an end to all these stereotypes & build up strong, Christian women walking hand & have IN PURPOSE!


Women Of Purpose is a place where women can feel encouraged & empowered to become better women of God and walk into their destiny. Let’s put an end to the stigma that of women (specifically black women) being crabs in a barrel that can’t compliment and uplift each other. Let’s let our light shine for the world to see.


So browse the headings, comment, share with everybody and most importantly be inspired to find your purpose, walk in it and uplift those around you.

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2010 - present

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