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Jessica HAYES

Creator of "House of AVID" an Exclusive Clothing Collection 

Professional Bio


Upcoming in the fashion industry is the creator of Avid Exclusive Clothing Collection Jessica Hayes. Originating from Birmingham, Alabama. Jessica has always had a desire to design. She starting her college career entering a lifestyle dedicated to Architecture design for 2 years. Then she thought her work would be best dedicated to earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration along with her personal dedication to studying fashion, beauty, and health. 


Jessica is an evident source of inspiration from her style, positive attitude, uniqueness, and overall persona. 


Hayes is a recent graduate of Tuskegee University with another achievement check off her check, she is pursuing another dream to become a professional wardrobe stylist and designer. This vision of an exclusive clothing collection will be the starting point of this new achievement as well as career. AVID. A brand of extremely desirous class, sophistication, and style that is a showstopper any time of the day. Anyone that wears Avid Exclusive Clothing Collection will not have to worry about being duplicated at any event. Wearing AVID makes you feel like a diva and if you mirror the title that's just what it is. AVID|DIVA. It is the representation of great style and personality wrapped in confidence. AVID stands out among the rest and is customizable for everyone else.

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Stylist Experience


Fall 2014

Stylist - Tuskegee University Rave Revue Modeling Troupe Fashion Show


Spring 2015

Stylist - Mr. Tuskegee University

  Clothing by Jos. A Banks.


Summer 2015

Head Stylist - AVID Exlcusive Clothing "TheRelease" PhotoShoot.




Fall 2017

Featured Designer - House Of AVID

New York Fashion Week 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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