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Our Visionary & Founder

Omarious J. Fann founded the Limitless Alliance in February 2012, on an idea of unbreakable togetherness, since that day he has dedicated himself to helping others through unity. Omarious believe that his purpose on earth is to edify, strengthen and comfort the people connected to him. 
"Everyone everywhere has a divine purpose and that purpose is designed to strengthen others."  The Limitless Alliance is an avenue to obtaining limitlessness, whether providing a foundation, platform or evening the covering for others to make their dream possible. For a major part of his life, Omarious felt as though he had no allies, no support, and no help. Subsequently, he found his first and most important ally, God. Through this alliance Mr. Fann has had the pleasure to met others individual with the same mission as him; to help, edify, strengthen and comfort others. Omarious envisioned the Limitless Alliance to be a one stop shop to equip with people the proper allies, resources, and support they need to become successful and evitably limitless.
From one small desire for support, Mr. Fann has created an industry entity with the ability to support, develop, discover and promote individuals from all walks of life with a common interest to grow other people. 
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